1. Chris Sindelar and son (top), wife and son (middle) and wife (bottom) at Petco Park in San Diego. 

  2. Sam Howard selfie with some random guy he ran into at a bar outside of AT&T Park in San Francisco. 

  3. Chris Scharmen at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

  4. Mike Burns at AT&T Park in San Francisco with his parents.

  5. Brian Van Hook’s daughter Brianna, holding a 50-year-old Mr. Reds bobblehead. 

  6. Brian Van Hook (vegastypo) and his wife Kelly at Petco Park in San Diego. Brian sporting a Redleg Nation t-shirt!

  7. Redleg Nation member Matt Mallin (right) and his brother at a Reds-Brewers game at Milwaukee’s Miller Park.  

  8. Redleg Nation member Matt Mallin and his daughter. 

  9. Richard and Carrie - April 2014. 

  10. Dad and son. The place we’ve loved to spend time since Andy was about four years old. Reds fans from Virginia. 

  11. Reds fans since birth. Andy & Jarrod from Clintwood, Virginia.  

  12. sergeant2 with daughter & granddaughter at Busch Stadium proudly representing Redleg Nation.

  13. Redleg Nation editor, Mike Maffie with new hat. 

  14. Mike and Karla Martz at Great American Ball Park - Opening Day!